Two New Jawbreakers from Curly Castro

I promise you that 2011 will be jampacked with new singles, projects, and albums from myself and Curly Castro, the self-appointed “Chelsea Clinton dater”. 

You’ll hear Castro on the upcoming Shadowboxers Weak Stomach EP via World Around Records, sure.  But before that, he’ll be dropping his muchballyhooed LP Winston’s Appeal.  I had the pleasure of arranging the final tracklisting and it’s quite a heavy album.  If you’re into reggae, dub, revolution, and b-boy allegiance, well your knees should certainly buckle. 

But that’s for later.   Right now, we have two non-album cuts to hold you over, plus prep you for Castro’s hosting duties for Friday’s Double Entendre at the Slingluff Gallery (plug plug plug). 

Take it away Khal of Rock the Dub:

Curly Castro “TeenAger” (prod. by Lidget Green Position): Not sure who LGP is, but this Hip-Hop/Jungle hybrid shit is RIGHT up my alley. Castro takes the “back in the days when I was a teen-ager” line and really let’s you peer into the windows, alleys and basements where he and his compadres let loose and lived life. When one’s an adult, it’s hard to not reflect on the “glory days”, or the “gory days”, depending on how you spent those days. Love the aggression in Castro’s delivery, thrown against a massive wall of sound.

Curly Castro “Wise” (prod. by Ta’raach): Castro channels Slick Rick and the other cinematic MCs out there, and tells a wild tale about some Jungle Fever that turns into a rape case. You’d think, in the Obama-run America, race issues wouldn’t be running, but I could seriously imagine a story like this hitting the news wire, like, tomorrow.

Heavy single for you lot out there – and I know Cas has a number of fire tracks up his sleeve. Winston’s Appeal drops in January, so we’ll see what else pops up!


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