Lost Angeles Time

Did you know the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers (Douglas Martin aka Blurry Drones and I) officially met in person this past September in Los Angeles for the first time after collaborating on music for almost 3 years? 

Now you can catch a glimpse of the action, along with lost interview footage with myself and Jeff Weiss, the deft A&R man behind The Slow Twilight, with a dash of live performances and freestyles in an LA movie theaters, traffic jam dartage, and clean living in a cramped gentleman’s quarters with vinyl nailed to the crown molding.

You can also check out an ol’ Zilla Rocca joint repurposed as a Shadowboxer cut (for the sake of continuity and branding and blah blah blah) from the label’s compilation We Are World Around Vol. 1 over at 33jones.com.

Weak Stomach EP coming in a couple of calendar flips, as is the official video for “Weak Stomach Remix”.

Curly Castro’s long awaited solo debut LP Winston’s Appeal, featuring Ethel Cee, Eshon Burgundy, Margel Overton of SELA, DJ Ambush, Jawnzap7, myself and many others is coming by the end of the month.  He’s headlining this month’s Double Entendre with special guest Has-Lo.  I’m getting my Don Rickles on as the host.  Don’t be wise ass.

Check the show listings to your right for all the other magoozlum we’re getting into this month.  It’s a busy one. 



  1. Commish! Thanks for watching! And congrats on the seeds–saw your facebook.

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