Curly Castro with Kuf Knotz and Stoupe of Jedi Mind Tricks Tomorrow Night

Told you guys it was going to be a hectic month.  Here’s the rundown on Kuf’s new monthly event Boom Box Collective:

A new hip hop monthly event at World Cafe Live, The Boombox Collective is a response to the lack of hip-hop centric shows within the Philadelphia area. Created by Kuf Knotz, his plan is to provide a platform for artists to be able to perform in front of a broad audience of listeners.

Culture Mob: How did you find the artists to help you start The BoomBox Collective?

Kuf Knotz: Well I have been on the scene here in Philadelphia for going on almost a decade now and within that time period I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with some very, very talented musicians and artists. The people I work with and build relationships with are all like-minded people who love music and have a serious drive to make music and to be heard. So these people are generally willing to collaborate and do events that will benefit us all in the long run. We all share a focused & positive vision and are willing to take the proper steps to put everything into motion.

CultureMob: How is The BoomBox Collective different from other Philly music events?

Kuf Knotz: The first thing is that it’s a FREEEEE event. Really though, we look at this event as a way to build that very community I spoke of earlier — we envision this event bringing folks together. Everyone loves FREE and a lot of people love music and art, so if we provide a landscape for people to come out and enjoy the night…in return, those people can provide an audience for the artist. Along with music we have visual artists as well and we will be incorporating dance crews into the event as well, so this puts all the various types of artists in touch with each other and presents networking opportunities  as well as different ways to help each other out. Everyone who’s involved in this, is because they love what they do and love to be able to help out their fellow artist. This is also an ”All Ages” event – which is very rare for most of the venues in the city  — a city which has an incredibly dense population of college students, who are generally mostly under age but yet, also make up the target demographics for most live music venues.  The final thing is that this event is at World Cafe Live – one of the nicest venues in the city with a great sound system, great food and a great vibe… What better way to present an event than that!
Read the full interview with Kuf Knotz at Culture Mob

See you all tomorrow night, gumshoes.

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