Griff Attacks The Perceptionist

On top of being a lifelong Bears fan like myself, Griff has been one of the homies I’ve done music with for almost 6 years now.  I originally met Griff through MySpace while he was living in Chicago and simultaneously working with one of my buddies at the time on a whole other project unbeknownst to me (shouts to Sosay).   Since then, I’ve been able to work with Griff in all of his incarnations, from RhymeCity to J-Direct to Bordering Insubordination to Yo Football Radio as he’s been able to work on my solo stuff to joints with my old crew to present day jawbreakers (check “The First Order Of Business” off Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca and “The Big Guns Upstairs Remix” off Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca).

This joint I did for Griff probably in ’08 or so, can’t really even remember, but it’s back when the above pictured Akrobatik LP dropped.  It was supposed to be on an official release that never saw the light of day.  So after all the smoke cleared, Griff decided to put this one his recently released remix project as well as another Perceptionist joint “Beast Mode” featuring Mr. Lif at Griff’s official site Bordering Insubordination .  And feel free to root for Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers this Sunday as Griff and I will be texting each other (he now lives in Brooklyn with 2 beautiful children) vigorously depending on the whims of Mike Martz or Lovie Smith.

Download Black Hell Breaks Loose GRIFF REMIX (Feat. Willie Evans Jr., Therapy & Zilla Rocca)


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