Bigger and Defferer

“Look, I understand your hate
When I was younger I wanted to be  LL Cool J

But then he started making records for the girls and shit
So I ripped off my Kangol and threw it away” -Slug

I think LL Cool J’s longevity can be held against him strongly.

Let me preface that by saying Bigger and Deffer might be the best hip hop album cover of all time, “Around the Way Girl” is top 5 for da ladies joints, and “Backseat of my Jeep” is the best ad for an Amigo Jeep of all time.

Essentially, everything you need to know about the greatness of James Todd Smith can be found on 1997’s All World greatest hits package.  If you love hip hop, you need to own that, period.  Since 1997’s Phenomenon to present day, LL burned the goodwill of a thousand Kangols with each shallow and trendy album.  That’s not to say he isn’t still among the greatest MC’s of all time–his run from ’86-’96 can hang with anybody.  But ask yourself this question: what is the last LL Cool J album you actually purchased?  What is the last LL Cool J song you actually memorized?  Is it better to fade away (like Slick Rick) with nostalgia and legacy intact, or to move forward releasing records that most likely only 35 year old house wives would fess up to buying at Target?

This brings us to Curly Castro’s “Eulogy to L”, an open letter to the man who at one point in time made it cool to be named Marion (remember “In the House”?).  Over a flip of “Boomin’ System” from yours truly, Castro is  F to the R to the O to the N to the T to the I to the N…that means he’s killing shit.  This cut will be on Winston’s Appeal, which we are celebrating this Friday at Double Entendre with Has-Lo in Philly.  No dookie chains required.

You can download “Eulogy to L” for free at or you can stream it below


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