Gal Brought the Rum and I Brought the Spice

Curly Castro, my best friend, “company” mate, and fellow diehard Glen Rice fan, is gearing up for his album release (in case you didn’t notice from my promo tweets–sorry) this Friday at Slingluff Gallery for Double Entendre.

Above is the burner we filmed one night at the International Dart Parlour with Has-Lo, just doing what we do: drinking Svedka, loitering in liquor stores, walking 19 blocks in Alaskan winds for some Chinese, stealing bar stools from businesses, and laying down tracks for various projects.

After you watch the clip (it’s like 2 minutes, y’all), head over to 33jones for the first part of a 2 piece interview with Cas breaking down his favorite philosopher (not Kris Parker), his journey from NYC to the bowels of Philly, and why Busta Rhymes is the best emcee from his ol’ neighborhood.

Read the interview at


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