A Few Words From the Author

Here’s some insight from the creator of Winston’s Appeal on the making of his long awaited debut:

“The ethos of this project is quite the Tall tale, when revisited in
hindsight.  I recall wondering if the record would ever come out, at all.

This took three years, countless hours with Larry E., and a little divine

Some of the über-talented contributors to the record, forgot that
they were even on the project. That’s how long it took. True Story.

After all the toil, all the vocal takes, and time put in, the
record exists as the Amiri Baraka poem hidden throughout…DOPE. And I
couldn’t be more grateful.

There is the great David Walker and his revolt-inspiring
‘Walker’s Appeal’,
the initial catalyst for the record.

There is the ‘dueling Pistols’ inspired design work of the great Dewey Saunders.

There is Margel Sophant, and his 11th hour produced dub fantasy “West
Indian Rum”, which became the perfect lead single.

There is the Georgia Anne Muldrow produced track “Rust”, which had been in the vault for 300 moons, until 1.28.11.

There is the Zilla Rocca produced LL Cool J lament “Eulogy to L” that has bloggers  reliving their lost LL memories.

There is the Posse Guillotine “You & Who’s Army” that has 15 emcees on it, unheard of in today’s Rap climate (we supposedly don’t get along).

And there was also the wonderfully shot, and bleach-clean edited smash video: ‘Da Ingredients’, a perfect sucker-punch to those who tend to oversleep on the Re.Bel.”

Curly Castro
“Da Ingredients”
off Winston’s Appeal
 edited by Zilla Rocca


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