Has-Lo: The God Stay Dipped

When I’m not plugging Curly Castro’s Winston’s Appeal or my recently released EP Bad Weather Classic, you might catch me spreading the word on Has-Lo via Twitter.  In case you didn’t notice from “No Resolution 2”, “Cock Diesel” or even our “Forever Freestlye (Nike Run)” joint, me and Lo are twin gunmen.  He’s the one rapper I know who most reminds me of myself and probably my favorite pure writer today.  We both worship at the altar of Marcberg and Shallah Rae.  And we both hate Nasir Jones.

His new album In Case I Don’t Make It, which I’ve studied and marveled over secretly in my whip the past 2 months, drops via Mello Music Group shortly (March 29th–pre order it on UGHH.com here).  Its certainly influencing the themes behind the next Shadowboxers LP.

Anyway, before all the jibbing and jabbing increases in the coming weeks, here’s a slick lil’ chandelier Antelopes & Lions for you to hang in your labbo, culminating some choice works from Has’ past EP’s, remixes, and guest appearances mixed by Sonny James of the highly regarded Philly DJ sect Ill Vibe Collective:

1. The Commentary (pt.1) remix (Produced by DeeJay Tone)
2. Black Rose (Gumshoe Remix) (Produced by Culture I)
3. Divine (Produced by Culture I & Has-Lo)
4. Nas – Shootouts (Has-Lo Remix)
5. Darkness (Produced by Culture I)
6. 5 O’clock Shadowboxers – No Resolution 2
7. Common – Chi City (Has-Lo Remix)
8. FUCWITDAT (Produced by Has-Lo)
9. The Undisputed (Produced by Culture I)
10. Kindness 4 Weakness (Produced by Has-Lo)
11. Build Jewelz (Produced by Has-Lo)
12. Dogma (ft. Awar) (Produced by Has-Lo)
13. Allegiance (Produced by Has-Lo)
14. Small Metal Objects (Produced by Has-Lo)
15. Fiber Optics (Produced by Has-Lo)
16. The Quiet Things (Produced by Has-Lo)
17. Royce Da 5’9″, Elzhi, Supastition – Best To Do It (Has-Lo Remix)

Download it here for free

Here’s Has-Lo kicking it about for my Let Me Learn You Something series last year


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