Welcome to the Holodeck: Event Horizon EP

From Rock the Dub:

It was just about a month ago when the Internets got ignited with the Three Pistol Music Remix of Starkey’s “Holodeck”, featuring lyrical swordsmen Curly Castro and Zilla Rocca setting their light sabers to “murder everything moving”, and commenced to do so. Out of nowhere, the diabolical Zilla Rocca passed a leftfield lazy writer (ahem, myself) the acapella and asked if any producers had the knack to attack it. I sent it out to a few compadres, and the young lions DJ Nappy and Santi Junior gave this a proper THUGSTEP rerub, with Nappy flippin’ a hectic Coki riddim over these lyrics, while Santi plays it interesting with a previous beat of Starkey’s that works well, on a different level. Add these to the maniacal version SixTen turned in? Yeah, you’re basically just reading all of this to get to the download links, yeah? Hard bars paired up with boisterous bass, hitting you from every angle. I hope you’ve got some armor, your Bannertech shields are fully functional, and you have some kind of teleport ready to get you out of here when you can’t stomach it. Everyone’s #musicmonday needs an #eventhorizon, you feel me?

Stream The Holodeck Remixes – Event Horizon EP at Curly Castro’s bandcamp

DL  mediafire | hulkshare | nukeshare


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