I’m a Firestarter: Starkey & Curly Castro “Playing With Fire (The Girl Who Remix)”

Design by Castle

From Khal:

Here’s a new one from Curly Castro, taken from the Curly Castro vs. RTD EP, which is set to drop soon(ish) on rockthedub.com:
This one’s been in the vault for a minute. Not my vault, Castro’s. One project I’ve been waiting to drop is the Curly Castro vs. RTD EP we’re looking to drop, which finds Castro rocking over dubstep/leftfield beats from Definate, Skream and others. And this Starkey jawn was penciled in. The original “Playing With Fire” was found on Starkey’s Space Traitor Vol. 1, which Civil Music dropped last December. In typical Castro fashion, the he straps this jawn to his back and jumps straight out of the plane, letting off poisonous darts from the sky, infecting those hit with knowledge and a story that sounds like something from Breaking Bad. Word to the wise: if you want to get Castro going ham, talk about Breaking Bad. Take this track in vein and let it marinate. Then realize what the fuck I’ve been trying to bring forth with the Hip-Hop/bass music hybrid sound. And be ready for Curly Castro vs. RTD – we’re trying to get that out soon-ish. And Fidel, which also is on the pipeline. And the numerous other jawns Castro has coming. Make some room on your harddrives, CD shelves and all that. Trust.

Soundcloud link

Hulkshare link


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