This is More Like Philly Crime

Dylan, the drum n bass hatchet man  behind Freak Recordings, was in LA this week and touched down for machete’s respect dnb radio show. The mp3 is the full two hour show.  You can catch me wrecking shop on “Straight to Hell” at one hour into the mix, probably the most punishing jawbreaker I wrote last year by a country mile. Peace to Khal for the alley-oop

1. smiler – dragon (freak forth)
2. kitech – bleeding eyes and aristocrats (freak forth)
3. dylan, audio & robyn chaos – rapture (treo & axiom rmx) (freak forth)
4. dylan & kitech feat. zilla rocca – straight to hell (dylan & kitech album)
5. throttler – blaze thorn (freak forth)
6. antichristus – vial (freak forth)
7. hostage – big shadow (freak forth)
8. xtm – cargo (necrotics rmx) (freak forth)
9. treo & kano – spy (freak forth)
10.dylan & kitech feat. robyn chaos – the truth isnt really real (freak forth)
11.limewax – everything (kitech rmx) (freak forth)
12.future signal – bloodbath (freak forth)
13.dylan & kitech – bad dreams in the night (freak forth)
14.hostage – ce tua (freak forth)
15.dylan & kitech feat. zilla rocca, curly castro & elucid – philly crime (freak forth)

Get ya face melted by clicking here


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