Universal Magnetic: World Around Records Podcast Episode 1

Here is the first ever World Around Records podcast. Hosted by yours truly. New and exclusive music from Man Mantis, Dr. Quandary, Algorhythms, myself, and more. East coast art hop. Instrumental banquet bangers. Gorgeous hangmen melodies.


Oomya – Man Mantis
Full Spectrum (Man Mantis Remix) – Zilla Rocca feat Has-Lo
Waterworld – JMega
Nothing (Am Breakups Remix) – Premrock feat Cavalier & DJ Addick
M.O.P.E. – Ambassadeurs
Die Everyday – Himero Yoshiteru
Benevolent Shadow – Dr. Quandary
Precious Little Time – Algorhythms
The Warnings – David Axelrod
Vienna – Dr. Quandary & Zilla Rocca
The Cost (Y?Arcka Mix) – Has-Lo

Listen now at Mixcloud



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