Is It Real, Son? “Pain Bringer” #WuTangPulp

Design by Castle

Just days after getting love on HipHopDX for the swift facemelting video “One-Fifty”, Philly’s true femme fatale Ethel Cee squares up with Wrecking Crew grifters Curly Castro and Has-Lo for “Pain Bringer”, the last leak off the wildly anticipated album Wu-Tang Pulp.

“Pain Bringer” is produced by Has-Lo, inspired by Method Man’s breakout single “Bring the Pain”, and pumped with enough sub bass to flip over a Chevy Beretta. Ethel Cee channels a dusted out Tical on the mic: “Cold like December, hot like it’s June, label me whatever just as long as I’m remembered, cause I intend to keep it real, no pretender, forever and always a worthy contender”. Jeff Weiss aptly calls her verse “torture duty” on some old Vietnam shit…


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  1. Crazy nice….takes u back with a twist, shit was dope…

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