Wu-Tang Pulp is Forever, God


“Pulp”: cheap books or magazines: novels or magazines produced on cheap paper, especially crime, horror, or science fiction stories

You know Wu-Tang, but what is Pulp about this? Pulp is a paperback wrinkle, something dirty and edgy, something only a select few would ever embrace. Frayed corners and shaky spines on yellow magazines, hidden under desks and store counters. Crime. Horror. Devastation. Greed. Science Fiction. Violence. Women. The city. Wu-Tang has mixed these ingredients into various albums since 1993. Wu-Tang Pulp pours them all in the same flask.

What started as a simple idea in 2009 has formed into a completely flushed out re-imagining of the most iconic collective in hip hop history. Wu-Tang Pulp is an album shaped from the hearts and minds of three diehard killa bee fanatics who spared no details in paying the ultimate homage to their heroes. Tackling records from RZA, Ghostface, Method Man, etc. is no easy task when you grew up with 36 Chambers in your Walkman, drawing the “W” on your high school composition books, and rocking Tommy Hilfiger tees in the summer because Raekwon said so.

The Wrecking Crew (Curly Castro x Has-Lo x Zilla Rocca) built Wu-Tang Pulp like a film, and cast rappers and producers from around the world to play the parts of specific criminologists from the Wu cannon. You may not be familiar with all the names, but hell — Ghostface didn’t reveal his face until 1995. Trust the slang doctors and the scientists behind the boards.

Download now at Bandcamp:

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