Don’t Let That Green Grass Fool Ya: Zilla Rocca x Alex Ludovico x Mally “Nothing in the Bank”

Design by Castle

Here’s the second single off the new Zilla Rocca EP Party With Villains, dropping Tuesday October 30th aka Devil’s Night. With assists from Alex Ludovico of Atlanta by way of Chi-town and Mally, one of Rhymesayers’ favorite new pen pushers in Minneapolis, “Nothing in the Bank” is a psychadelic funk heater produced by Delaware’s dingiest crate digger Alpha 1. It’s an ode to a lifestyle free from overdue balances – when you have nothing to lose, everything is easier to handle. The whole world’s gone broke the past few years, so why not just have fun?

“This is one of those tracks that can become your anthem at about 1AM on a Saturday; you’re a few drinks in, and you hit the ATM to realize you have depleted all of your funds.” – Pigeons and Planes


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