He Crossed Over Jordan, the Changing of the Guard: “The Q and the A”

Design by Dr. Quandary for Memetic Supply Co.

Allen Iverson – the most controversial, beloved, and bewildered athlete arguably of the last 15 years. He made cornrows, tattoos, and jokes about practice a staple in the lives of anyone following basketball. He disdained authority. He loved hip hop. He got coaches fired. He shot too much. He played through dozens of injuries. He hung out at TGIFriday’s and South Street instead of shootarounds. He won almost every award there was. The yin and the yang. The question and the answer.

“The Q and the A” is third single off Zilla Rocca’s upcoming EP Party With Villains. Produced by Wrecking Crew brother in arms Small Professor and accompanied by cuts and clips curated by Nex Millen, “The Q and the A” is written from the perspective of a lifelong fan going back to the days of Georgetown, SLAM Magazine, and crossing over Michael Jordan at the Spectrum. After debuting at the esteemed blog The Basketball Jones, “The Q and the A” is a new kind of storytelling number from the man who loves hoops as much as private stock bourbon.


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