Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers feat Roc Marciano “Young Blood”


Inspired by Ed Brubaker’s Criminal comic series as well as the Zilla Rocca’s hometown South Philly jungle gyms packed with wild colts scratching their names on corners, “Young Blood” is about trigger happy adolescents without wisdom. Roc Marciano tells a story of Long Island snuffed out glory. Has-Lo picks up acid guitars and drops them like another school budget.

“Over rugged production by Has-Lo, Zilla raps on the hook, “The blood of the young makes the world go round/ But young bloods are gunning us down/ They want to live forever, they want to get it now/ They want to do it right, they never know how.”

And Roc Marc adds on with his own vivid and tragic tale of a young dude from around the way trying to get his in the streets, rapping, “He’s a loner, purple haze aroma like a stoner/ No diploma, sippin’ Coronas and bi-polar/ Trying to take the block over, older n**s from a block over/ Got the word now they out to knock his block over.” It’s definitely real in the field, youngin’.

Check the premiere at Complex.com

Buy “Young Blood” on iTunes


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