South Philly Basement Wars: “Weak Stomach (Zilla Rocca Remix”) Video

Directed by the mighty Joe Castro of “Full Spectrum” fame, the video for “Weak Stomach (Zilla Rocca Remix)” finds the Shadowboxers and Curly Castro on a midnight basement meeting gone to hell over a desperate dame, all in the bowels of South Philly


Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers “Weak Stomach EP”

weak-stomach-cover (1)

Three years under the curtain. Dust on the trench coat. Stomach empty. Diner windows daring you to come in and eat. After hours spots whispered in a bottle, hummed under dimly lit corners where the tables are empty. In Philadelphia, where there are no limits, no rules. Anything can go on.

This is the world of Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers. This is Noir Hop. This is Weak Stomach EP.__

The first release since 2010’s Broken Clocks EP,__ Weak Stomach EP is a collection of shabby pulp scribbles from Zilla Rocca and his taillight chasers The Shadowboxers. For this assignment, hisWrecking Crew gin buddy Curly Castro (Man Bites Dog Records) and Chi-Town drum rollerAlex Ludovico joined in-house card shark Blurry Drones for the knockout drops. Small Professor (Coalmine Records) and Has-Lo (Mello Music Group) took time away from fitting cement shoes to lend beats that hit your head like cheap wine.

Compiling legitimate liquor from previous Shadowboxers juke joints and Alex Ludovico’s Winning/Losing plus new cuts like a Beatles cover (“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer), a posse cut in honor of Walter White (“We Got Fangs This Year”), an ode to NYC blade runners (“Blood on Blood Converse), and crippled romance molded around a stark Elliot Smith lineage (“Stay Clean Remix”),Weak Stomach EP is a real sharp shooter, a precursor for the forthcoming LP No Vacation For Murder (which features Roc Marciano, The Kid Daytona, Geechie Suede, Open Mike Eagle, and more).

Welcome back to Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers’ brand of gunshot jazz. And don’t speak to the weak of heart. Don’t eat on a weak stomach — play your part.

Stream below:

Download at your own price at Bandcamp

Wrecking Crew Presents: Wu-Tang Pulp official trailer

Download “The Boxcutter Went” (prod by Zilla Rocca) by Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato, Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage, Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston, and Elucid aka E Gutta

Sketches of the artwork for Wu-Tang Pulp by William Macey

Pete Rock feat Roc Marciano “Give It To Y’all (Zilla Rocca Remix)”

Now that Pete Rock is starting his Soul Brotha Takeover with full lengths dropping with Camp Lo and Smif-N-Wessun, his first beat album Petestrumentals from 2001 got the deluxe 10th Anniversary re-issue via BBE Records.  If you follow me, you know Roc Marciano is one of my sensais, but it wasn’t Marcberg that grabbed me.  I’ve been a diehard Roc fan since the time of this song, when he was speaking through a Ronald Regan mask with Busta, Rae, and Ghost on “The Heist”, outshining Rah Digga and Flipmode on various tracks from Dirty Harriet and other soundtracks, and Barry Bonds-ing anything that Pete threw his way during his days with The UN.

“Give it To Y’all” was done around the time of Petestrumentals and The UN’s lone crew album U N or U Out (a hella slept on record and a must have for all Marcberg fanatics) and is now available on the Petestrumentals 10th Anniversary edition with instrumental and acapella.  You know I had to handle the acapella like algebra, right?

Check it here (if the Soundcloud player isn’t working below)

Got range like Danny Ainge….

Wrecking Crew (Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro) vs. The UK – The Heat Remix

BRAND NEW! UK to Philadelphia….

“The Heat (American Language Remix)” 

P.L.O. of Associated Minds (UK) featuring the Wrecking Crew: Has-Lo of Mello Music Group and Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro of Three Dollar Pistol Music.

Think Saigon’s “The Letter P” meets Smoothe The Hustler & Trigga the Gambler’s classic “Broken Language”


Has-Lo as The Spoon Bender aka The Guru Who Trained Remo aka The Top Graduating Pupil in the School of Ninjas

Curly Castro as The Hilary Clinton Blind Dater aka The Flatliner Who Kills Keifer aka The Nick Swisher Mom Musher After Smoking on a Swisha

Zilla Rocca as The Maze Maker aka The Chinese Water Torture Dripper aka The First Editor of “Clockers”

DL and stream via Bandcamp

Or check the jointage at:

Rock the Dub


Nex Millen Music

Super Nice Music (Amsterdam)

Le Hip Hop Sur Ecoute (France)

Conspiracy Radio (UK)

Potholes in my Blog

Raw Drive

WXPN’s The Key Studios Session Compilation Volume One

Our good friends at WXPN’s The Key had us at the immaculate Key Studios back in January for our live in-studio session, still the coolest performance I’ve been lucky enough to do in my own backyard.

The Key has compiled a compilation with choice cuts from tons of local bands who have stopped by the studio (who all sign the walls outside of the recording space as you can see below)

So we had to join in….

Here’s the official breakdown:

“The Key Studio Sessions Compilation Volume One—which you can download for free here—features one exclusive track recorded at the WXPN studios by 17 local acts, including Cheers Elephant, Grimace Federation, Summer Fiction, Moon Women, Prowler, Attia Taylor, 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers, Res, Purling Hiss, The Shackeltons, Soars, Johnny Miles And The Waywards, Creepoid, By Surprise, Lady, Slutever, and American Babies.

Want to hear more? Click here to listen to the full sessions by all 17 local acts. You can also download The Key Studio Sessions Compilation, Volume One in its entirety as a .zip file.”

Our contribution to the compilation is “High Noon” off The Slow Twilight.  Here’s our live acoustic performance of the track with Larry E on the dustbowl guitar:

Helsinki to Philly: Half Past Never Band and Zilla Rocca

Here’s some snippets from the album Cubicle Coma from Half Past Never Band straight from Helsinki, Finland!

The guys hit me up last year after hearing my remix of Menahan Street Band’s “The Contender”.  The two tracks I’m featured on “Sammy Jankis” & “Color Bars”
(which I’m very proud of) are featured in this little video sampler.  Can’t wait till you hear the full joints!

If you know what Sammy Jankis is a reference to, leave a note and I’ll give you a prize.

Welcome to the Holodeck

“Zilla’s been working with Philly-based, UK-adored street bass star Starkey since college, and raps like he listens to the music rather what blogs define as forward progression. “Welcome to the Holodeck” represents his first official collabo with Starkey since the Temple grads stomped out John Calipari as a favor for John Chaney. Joined by Castro, who is set to appear on Starkey’s Space Traitor Vol. 2, the pair go in on a dystopian beat that aims for the end of 1984 (or Sleeper). Re-education rap with Castro corralling the sci-fi nerd vote with Star Trek references and Zilla going full Heisenberg. Recommended for Levar Burton fans, those who own at least one season of the X-Files, and who miss the glory days of Def Jux.” — Passion of the Weiss

You can also get the full rundown on the making of the song plus the video for the first released collab “Less Than Paper” from Starkey and myself at

You can download “Holodeck (Three Dollar Pistol Remix)” with artwork via Curly Castro’s bandcamp

Keep it Live: Tonight at World Cafe

Tonight’s my first actual non-Shadowboxer solo set since 2009. I’ll be doing some jawbreakers from “Bad Weather Classic”, some unreleased stuff, and a few noir classics from the agency.

Please join me for a FREE all ages night of quality hip hop at World Cafe Live from 9pm-midnight for Boom Box Collective with Kuf Knotz and 84, the best live duo in Philadlephia.

Bands, painters, DJ’s, emcees, and burgers everywhere.  Win-win, shallah’s.

A View From Phoenix Part Deux

When you fly to Phoenix in February, you expect to be greeted with lizards, burritos, and margaritas.  Really, anything but the blankets of arctic wind, snow, and soul sucking gloom that typifies the first 60 days of a new year on the East Coast. 

When we got to Phoenix last month, we got rain.  According to the locals, two days of rain is rarer than a GZA guest appearance.  It causes people to panic.  The city is not equipped to deal with precipitation on this level.  Puddles everywhere.  Parking lots become reservoirs.  It’s not like walking by Broad and Market where the rastas sell $5 umbrellas on stands next to incense, bootleg tees, and mix CD’s (still).  No one has an umbrella in that entire town. 

Fortunately, Curly Castro and I once again found comfort in turkey sandwiches at The Main Ingredient, a hip lounge that plays Grand Puba, Pete Rock, Grand Agent, and old Heiro for its dining customers.  Back in September, we feasted with Random aka MegaRan and our host Kevin Murphy from So Much Silence.  This time we debated the joys and pain of Common (mostly pain) with Nocando and Open Mike Eagle with a side serving of Jeff Weiss, all three Los Angelenos who escaped All-Star Weekend to kick it in land of Jared Dudley for our show at the Hidden House.  Below are some pics I took, followed by video from the show.  I do wish I shot video of the bar we hit in Scottsdale — first time I ever heard Insane Clown Posse in public.

Open Mike Eagle


Deck the walls with 90's vinyl at The Main Ingredient

Curly Castro, Mike Eagle, and Kevin Murphy at Main Ingredient

Nocando and his retro cola, Jeff Weiss, and Kevin Murphy at Main Ingredient

Click here to see more photos from our first trip to Phoenix in Sept. 2010 

Spit Suicide, Nocando, Curly Castro and Open Mike Eagle freestyle at the Hidden House

Open Mike Eagle freestyle

5 O’Clock Shadowboxers feat Curly Castro “High Noon” live