Griff Attacks The Perceptionist

On top of being a lifelong Bears fan like myself, Griff has been one of the homies I’ve done music with for almost 6 years now.  I originally met Griff through MySpace while he was living in Chicago and simultaneously working with one of my buddies at the time on a whole other project unbeknownst to me (shouts to Sosay).   Since then, I’ve been able to work with Griff in all of his incarnations, from RhymeCity to J-Direct to Bordering Insubordination to Yo Football Radio as he’s been able to work on my solo stuff to joints with my old crew to present day jawbreakers (check “The First Order Of Business” off Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca and “The Big Guns Upstairs Remix” off Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca).

This joint I did for Griff probably in ’08 or so, can’t really even remember, but it’s back when the above pictured Akrobatik LP dropped.  It was supposed to be on an official release that never saw the light of day.  So after all the smoke cleared, Griff decided to put this one his recently released remix project as well as another Perceptionist joint “Beast Mode” featuring Mr. Lif at Griff’s official site Bordering Insubordination .  And feel free to root for Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers this Sunday as Griff and I will be texting each other (he now lives in Brooklyn with 2 beautiful children) vigorously depending on the whims of Mike Martz or Lovie Smith.

Download Black Hell Breaks Loose GRIFF REMIX (Feat. Willie Evans Jr., Therapy & Zilla Rocca)


I Been In This Game For a Year, It Made Me an Animal

I Wish My Uncle Buck Was Here

I Wish My Uncle Buck Was Here

Well friends, it’s official…today Clap Cowards is 1 year old! 

Outside of a few controversial posts here and there, I haven’t recieved alot of comments from people who weren’t friends already.  So I want to thank all of my quiet readers who check in everyday along with the jokers I hang out with regularly and the long distance compadres I clown often on Facebook.  It’s been a blast to do this blog and I’ve been able to reach people across the world who might not have ever heard of me, Clean Guns, Beat Garden, or the Rap Pack otherwise.  A BIG thank you to my good friend Jeff Weiss who put me on the game via my Beat Generation columns at The Passion of the Weiss and who motivated me to get this here blog up and running.  And thank you to my good friend/Lady Killer Nicole, the first writer I ever hired to work for me and paid exclusively with beer tickets at rap shows.

Here’s a few of the most memorable posts (which generated me a lot of traffic from unknowing, righteous fans of Lil’ Wayne, Eva Mendes, and Vanilla Ice) sprinkled in with some of my persona favorite pieces.  Enjoy, y’all!

When the shit got real: Lil Wayne > Vicki From “Small Wonder”

Universal death threats: Putting Vanilla Ice in His Place Because Reality TV Hasn’t Been the Worst Fate 

NBA Live ’95 on Super Nintendo still wins: My All-Time Favorite NBA Marksmen

I stay sharper than viking hats: Verse of the Year Contender–Elzhi “Motown 25”

Can’t say it any clearer: Sell Me on Slick Rick

Nicole has been making her mark around here, but nothing were more on point than this: Things Dudes Should Stop Doing Part 2

My first ever phone interview.  Rockness Monstah answered the phone, ‘Max’s Pizza‘:  Let Me Learn You Something–Heltah Skeltah

I love watching bad movies that star beautiful women because I get to write stuff like this: At Least Eva Mendes Looked Hot: “The Spirit” Review

A questions about my loyalty to the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Philadelphia 76ers are answered in 2 parts: On Fandom Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

I only rep the real and the raw: Thoughts on J. Dilla


More goodies coming the rest of the week!

In the meantime, be sure to DL Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca to soundtrack your day!

Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: “Good Girls 2”

This is it, y’all…

Really excited to let you hear this one, but melancholy at the same time because after 12 Weeks at, the last stop on the Remix Train is approaching.  Thankfully, my good friends 2ew Gunna and Mally hopped on it and we vastly upgraded the original “Good Girls” from the mixtape.

I really want to thank everyone who checked out any of the remixes the past 3 months.  The comments were honest, insightful, and enthusiastic for the most part.  Some of the joints I thought would be too far left, people liked the most.  And some of the joints I thought would be surefire winners…people liked the most haha!  The whole purpose of the remix campaign was to add more invisible digital shelf life to Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca and to work with folks I’ve been a longtime fan of.  So thank you Fresh at 33jones for coming up with the ill graphics every week and for making this a big deal.  And thank you to my producer friends who were kind enough to take time away from concoting the ill bangage to lace my acapellas with some head banger boogie!   

Listen to “Good Girls 2 (Judging Judy ZR Remix)” Zilla Rocca f/ 2ew Gunn Ciz & Mally at

Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Floodwatch

I’ve been sitting on this particular remix for months now and with good reason.  My homie Ben aka Floodwatch of  absolutely bodied his remix for “Get That Gun,” a big fan favorite off the mixtape featuring Nico and Reef the Lost Cauze.  It’s the most bangeriffic straight hip hop beat of the series and I’m really excited to have this man make a *splash* (get it?) on this remix.  His blog has shown Beat Garden love since day one, and his skills behind the tables, and now the MPC, are inspired. 

Grab the remix of “Get That Gun” over at

This just might be the final remix for the series (waiting on a couple things to pan out over the next week), but don’t quote me on that.  I am known to completely fabricate anything not tattooed to my skin at the drop of a goat’s testicle.  Word.

Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: ASK?


He’s a talented and bizarre animal, isn’t he folks?  When ASK isn’t making me dope artwork, he’s slaughtering the acapella for the fan favorite “Sick F*ck.” 

Grab the offical ASK? remix of “Sick F*ck” over at


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“Sick F*ck” music video (dir. by Tone Bone)

Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Haj of Dumhi

For Week 8 of the remix hootenanny, Haj of Dumhi got busy on “Vaguely Jamaican,” a darkhorse track from the mixtape most people mention when we’re sipping Sangria at the California Pizza Kitchen and/or watching Belly.  Haj’s remix is so dope because he took the “less is more” approach.  The vibe of the original is intact.  The beat he cooked up isn’t something I’d seek out to rhyme on, but hearing how well my acapella fit over it, I’m now taking offers for beats like this.  And I promised not to rap like Snow if and when I do get the beat!

Grab “Vaguely Jamaican (Haj Dumhi Remix)” at


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Let Me Learn You Something: Haj of Dumhi

Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Zilla Rocca


I’m still waiting on that next call from Kevin Smith.

Who else can truly remix my music better than me, Ben Affleck in Chasing Amy? 

Fresh at 33jones just posted the newest remix for the Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca campaign as and the producer behind this track, let me just tell you my good friend that it will knock your socks off, even those thick grey thermal jawns your aunt bought you for your Christmas that you pretended to like.  Yeah, I ain’t playin!

Get the official “Bangladesh (Zee Arrah Remix)” feat. SUP, Slim DSM, and Nex Millen here.

More crap coming at you after I recouperate from dragging my liver through hell tonight and possibly tomorrow.  Stay golden, Ponyboy.