Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro “Vaguely Jamaican Part 2” Live at World Cafe

from “Nights & Weekends EP” available now on iTunes

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Crushed the Orange Pylon: “Full Spectrum 2” (L’Orange Remix)

Artwork by Dr. Quandary for Memetic Supply Co.

One of my favorite new producers tackles one of your favorite songs“Full Spectrum 2” (L’Orange Remix) feat Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle

Hummingbird Science: “Full Spectrum 2” with Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle

Artwork by Dr. Quandary for @memeticsupplyco

Via Passion of the Weiss:

Bug eyed monsters clutching swooning heroines. Grassy knolls and brazen adventurers. Blue Beatle butterflys. Murder scenes swept with neon green urgency before tops are turned Ron Burgundy. What’s a Golden Gopher to a taxiderm? Zen koans by Zilla Rocca.

Skies stained the color of ash and Tiramisu. Tarnished crowns and lacquered hair. Gold not bronze. Gazebos the color of ginger. Blu Cantrell doppelgangers and blind eyes. Has-Lo, the hard-boiled hallucinator.

Corner cramped, tattoo covered girls, mother of pearl eyed girls, long legged flamingos, mouth leaking magenta, lights no white polar bears, nights over. Open Mike Eagle, sardonic and scoping the albatross. Everything finishes with bass. What? The fuller spectrum.”



Sippin on Crushed Grapes We Lust Papes: Live TONIGHT at the Grape Room

Photo by John Vettese

Live TONIGHT at the Grape Room in Manayunk
105 Grape St (off Main Street in Manayunk)
Phila, PA 19127
Zilla Rocca with Curly Castro and DJ Jim Redz
Original Haze
Tree Rats
Live hip hop & reggae
$5 cover
$2 beer specials

The Official Nights & Weekends Album Release Party: Wed 10/26/11

Flyer by Kyle Tierce of the Memetic Supply Co @memeticsupplyco

Guys: it’s free, so grab a chilled Moscow Mule while you’re in the building.

Ladies: cocktail dresses are strongly preferred.
And here’s 2 new reviews of Nights & Weekends that ran over the weekend:
And the video for “Full Spectrum” will be dropping NEXT WEEK!!!