Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers “Fake Surfers” video

The first video off the coming Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers album No Vacation for Murderis “Fake Surfers”, directed by Pat Murray of Glass Canon (“Full Spectrum 2”, “Scallops”).

“Fake Surfers” is a psychadelic pummeling of controlled rage, confounding like beginner’s origami. It’s a good year followed by five bad years. Zilla Rocca delivers his lyrics with the morals of a money maker and the manner of an undertaker. The beat, provided the other half of Shadowboxers Blurry Drones, is ashtray money of the dirtiest variety. It effects you. And you’re effected.

“The hooks and replay value are there, but they demand and are worth your patience. A casual viewing of “Fake Surfers” is like riding a rip curl urged by an unruly ocean breeze–focus on it or wipe out.” – Huffington Post


Wrecking Crew x PremRock live at Yule Prog 7

Zilla Rocca vs. Clams Casino
“On the Freak Beat”

Zilla Rocca & PremRock vs. Odd Nosdam
“Never Tell Them You’re a Rapper

Curly Castro
“The Colored Water Fountain”

Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro vs. Zavala
“Vernon Maxwell

Curly Castro
“Blood on Blood Converse”

Big shouts to Warren Britt for the cinemas


Video: Zilla Rocca “17 Days in VA”

The first video (directed by Dave Hall) from Zilla Rocca’s blue tape Neo Noir is the Blakroc jux move “17 Days in VA”, a slice of life in the sticks when the getaway falls apart, the craft beer is lacking, and the thirst for the city starts making you batty.

As seen as Passion of the Weiss, the video finds the “Philly noir-rap originator slant[ing] in the shadows, sneaking behind graf-scarred walls and thickets that threaten to engulf him…[Zilla Rocca] continues to evolve into one of the most unique and best-writers in hip-hop.”

“17 Days in VA” is available on the limited pressing of Neo Noir on dark blue cassette (less than 50 available) along with an exclusive cocktail coaster for $8.

You can order Neo Noir on cassette, along with discounted t-shirts woven from the finest criminal cloths, at the online merch table via Three Dollar Pistol Music on bandcamp

South Philly Basement Wars: “Weak Stomach (Zilla Rocca Remix”) Video

Directed by the mighty Joe Castro of “Full Spectrum” fame, the video for “Weak Stomach (Zilla Rocca Remix)” finds the Shadowboxers and Curly Castro on a midnight basement meeting gone to hell over a desperate dame, all in the bowels of South Philly

Everyday is Like the Video Shoot: “Scallops” Video off Wu-Tang Pulp


After HipHopDX named Wu-Tang Pulp as the #10 Mixtape of 2012, bumping Death Gripz and Childish Gambino to Honorable Mention, the Wrecking Crew knew they had to strike like masked avengers while the samurai steel was hot.

Enter the video for “Scallops”. Directed by F. Pat Murray of Glass Canon Films (of “Full Spectrum 2” fame) and filmed in historically beloved locations from every pocket of Philadelphia, the short film plays out like a supernatural heist film; Has is a would-be hit-man being interrogated by a group of intense assassins; Castro is the member of his crew whose telepathic powers save the day, while Zilla drives the getaway car out of the Celebre’s Pizza parking lot.” – WXPN’s The Key

Download Wrecking Crew Presents Wu-Tang Pulp at whatever price you see fit at Bandcamp.

Paid customers will receive an exclusive bonus cut “Known Piranhas” by Curly Castro x My Man Shafe x Zilla Rocca x Has-Lo produced by The Expert.

Keep Coming Till the Last Day of Summer: Full Spectrum 2 Video + EP

We started this florid set-up last summer with the “Full Spectrum” video, filmed on Super 8 film on location in Asbury Park, NJ, funded exclusively by Kickstarter with a gaudy appearance from Has-Lo.This summer, we grabbed Open Mike Eagle while he was on tour in Philly with Random aka MegaRan, threw him in a South Philly backyard where he discovered Yuengling for the first time, and let the chromatic camera roll.

Thus you have the video for “Full Spectrum 2” featuring Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle, directed by Curly CastroPat Murray, and Dewey Decibel (who drew the title card above and housed the filming in his personal painting workshop). Passion of the Weiss declared it “one of the most joyous clips any of these three have released.”

Artwork by Dr. Quandary

We’ve wrapped up this kaleidoscopic saga with the “Full Spectrum EP”, an easy how-to guide for this tinted rendezvous. Compiling five versions of “Full Spectrum” and the sequel with production from Man Mantis (who just got off tour with Sole), L’Orange of Old Soul fame, and Dr. Quandary (who kept his hand busy with the beats and the artwork above).

Throw in Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle for the Wrecking Crew vs. Hellfyre Club rap aspect and you’ve got yourself a pretty snappy 5 song situation. You can download it for free at Bandcamp this week only, and then it moves up to the big leagues at iTunes.


Tonight’s Video Shoot is Heavy on Girls in Stilettos aka You Should Come Out

Tonight is the next video shoot for the first single off the new project American Crime.

The setting: women in leather boots. Cocktails named after dead rock stars. Walls looking like a ’60s art exhibit. All in the middle of Center City at The Trestle Inn (11th & Callowhill) for Sexy Heels A Go-Go. Swing through!

Here’s all the details for the event

My Rap Flow’s FANTASTIC: Curly Castro Video Premiere

Curly Castro
“They Call Me Castro”
Produced by Blueprint (Rhymesayers/ Greenhouse)
Off the LP Fidel
Directed by Joe Castro (no relation)
Shot on location at Occupy Philly

Fidel drops in 2012.

Beats and rhymes from Has-Lo, Georgia Ann Muldrow, Small Professor, Open Mike Eagle, Ralph Rip Shit, Zilla Rocca, and many more.