Hummingbird Science: “Full Spectrum 2” with Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle

Artwork by Dr. Quandary for @memeticsupplyco

Via Passion of the Weiss:

Bug eyed monsters clutching swooning heroines. Grassy knolls and brazen adventurers. Blue Beatle butterflys. Murder scenes swept with neon green urgency before tops are turned Ron Burgundy. What’s a Golden Gopher to a taxiderm? Zen koans by Zilla Rocca.

Skies stained the color of ash and Tiramisu. Tarnished crowns and lacquered hair. Gold not bronze. Gazebos the color of ginger. Blu Cantrell doppelgangers and blind eyes. Has-Lo, the hard-boiled hallucinator.

Corner cramped, tattoo covered girls, mother of pearl eyed girls, long legged flamingos, mouth leaking magenta, lights no white polar bears, nights over. Open Mike Eagle, sardonic and scoping the albatross. Everything finishes with bass. What? The fuller spectrum.”




Ain’t Worried About a Concept, I Already Killed One: “Bad Weather Classic” feat Mally & Curly Castro (Dr. Quandary Remix)

Artwork by Dr. Quandary for @memeticsupplyco

“Earlier this year, Zilla Rocca made his World Around debut with the dark and stylish Bad Weather Classic EP, which served as a perfect soundtrack for the waning winter months. For the third round of our bi-weekly single series, Dr. Quandary hooked us up with his remix of the title track, which features visionary guest verses from Minneapolis rising star Mally and Zilla’s Wrecking Crew associate Curly Castro.

Contrasting the driving rhythm and epic vibe of Face One’s original beat, the Dr. Quandary version is violently ethereal, with the drone of heavy bass and plaintive guitars washing up against jagged, dusty percussion. A rough edit of the song first appeared on a compilation by the French label DEZORDR this fall, but this is the first time that Quan’s original final mix has been made available.

Bad Weather Classic (Dr. Quandary Remix) is available as a free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. We’ll be back later this month with another World Around Wednesday on December 21st, followed by our annual year-end compilation. Stay tuned!”

Universal Magnetic: World Around Records Podcast Episode 1

Here is the first ever World Around Records podcast. Hosted by yours truly. New and exclusive music from Man Mantis, Dr. Quandary, Algorhythms, myself, and more. East coast art hop. Instrumental banquet bangers. Gorgeous hangmen melodies.


Oomya – Man Mantis
Full Spectrum (Man Mantis Remix) – Zilla Rocca feat Has-Lo
Waterworld – JMega
Nothing (Am Breakups Remix) – Premrock feat Cavalier & DJ Addick
M.O.P.E. – Ambassadeurs
Die Everyday – Himero Yoshiteru
Benevolent Shadow – Dr. Quandary
Precious Little Time – Algorhythms
The Warnings – David Axelrod
Vienna – Dr. Quandary & Zilla Rocca
The Cost (Y?Arcka Mix) – Has-Lo

Listen now at Mixcloud


Whiskey Maids and Long Legs: Nights & Weekends EP is here

Photo by John Vettese. Hand drawn illustration by Tony Diaz. Design by Dr. Quandary

Three Dollar Pistol Music and World Around Records proudly present Zilla Rocca’s Nights & Weekends EP.  Another martini before jackhammer season begins. Glorious pulp from your favorite bent nose boy. Good diners, bad women, and black coffee.

Inspired by late night 1980’s films staples such as Barry Levinson’s Diner and Martin Scorsese’s After Hours, with a helping of booze hounds, dive bars, and all the wrong women you chase in your 20’s, Nights & Weekends EP is the unbuttoning of the collar for Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage, the Noir Hop originator and Corrupt Novelist.  Over a scant 9 songs and 29 minutes (plus a bonus remix track of the lead single “Full Spectrum”), Rocca’s third solo offering features appearances from Has-Lo (Mello Music Group/ Wrecking Crew), Dr. Quandary (World Around Records), Brian Brizzo (Lessondary Crew), Curly Castro (Wrecking Crew),  Small Professor (Wrecking Crew) and more.  From the Philip Marlowe credo on the opener “Creme De Menthe” to the sticky ’60s funk cover of D’Angelo’s “Devil’s Pie”, Nights & Weekends EP lives up to it’s namesake: it’s where all the action goes down.
Hell, it’s better than friends with money.
You can download the album at whatever price you seem fit over at Bandcamp. The download comes with the Nights & Weekends Promo video as well as the video for the second single “Black Cherry” directed by 5846 Films.  Just make sure you leave some milk in the fridge and a can of tuna out for the cats.  Hurry up and get it now before it goes on sale for $7.99 at iTunes.
Physical copies of the EP will be on sale for $10 starting on Thursday 9/22/11 via Bandcamp and I’m not gonna lie to you–the packaging is hotter than an envelope with money in it.  Check back for it this week at the Tumblr page

And the official Nights & Weekends t-shirts will be falling off a truck by the beginning of next week and on sale for $15.

So don’t even shower tonight — throw aftershave on your cheeks, spray some cologne on your collar, watch the “Black Cherry” video again, and gallop through the city with a lighter in your pocket and a cigarette girl on your arm.