Feed the Beast Week 7 + Sean Price Show Photos

Photo by Kim Kay

We just wrapped up another jampacked week with a BANG!

First off, head over to 33jones.com to check out Week 7 of Feed the Beast (THERE’S ONLY 3 WEEKS LEFT! as Trevor Smith would say).  This week features my pick, Three Six Mafia’s “Stay Fly,” versus 50 Cents “Gunz Come Out,” a joint chosen by Haj of Dumi.  I’ve heard MC’s crush this beat since 2005.  Listen to how Nico fares on beats that really have nothing in common!  Oh, and fellow bloggers, listen very closely to “Gunz Come Out”–you might hear your name!

Listen to Feed the Beast Week 7 here

Alright…if you weren’t at the Sean Price show this past Friday, you missed honestly one of the best Philly hip hop shows I’ve ever seen.  Every act on the bill put on a clinic, the crowd was attentive and amped from beginning to end, and Sean Price performed at least 20 songs.  Sadly, he didn’t slap the shit out of anyone.

Here’s some photos from the show from my man Snap Kracker, probably the illest photographer around.  You can look at more of his work under the My Mellow My Man section of this very blog. 

Your host for the evening, Big O, the meanest, the baddest, the new rap apparatus with more stick-up status than a cactus (he came up with that, I didn’t)

The crowd was ready…


DJ NoPhrillz dropped Common’s “Hungry” and I immediately had a heart attack.

Nico and Big O during “My Piano”

Nico and 2ew Gunn Ciz performing “Crush Rock”

There’s me about to recreate the scene from that old ass Pearl Jam video when Eddie Vedder jumped into the crowd.  Philly wasn’t having it.


Al Mighty, one half of MAGr.  And he’s still smutting them fat chicks.

Distant Starr, the other half of MAGr.  He looks mad regal.

2ew Gunn Ciz reps the Phillies, no matter how badly Brett Meyers pitches.

2ew Gunn is a man of the people. 

Sean Price aka Ruck aka Jesus Price aka Donkey Sean Junior aka Kimbo Price

Thou shall not fuck with the fourth-fifth popper

P BODY!!!!


You can see the full gallery of photos from Snap Kracker over at 215hiphop.com

And shoutouts to Dom P of Public Axis and Aubrey Green of Evergreen Projects for putting on a motherfucking GREAT SHOW!!!