Wrecking Crew x PremRock x DJ Halo on Shots Fired Podcast

shots fired

For their latest episode of errant gunfire, Nocando and Jeff welcome Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, and Prem Rock for a discussion on Philadelphia hip-hop, noir-rap, their “otherground collective” and the occasional reggaeton digression.

In addition, Nocando and Jeff talk about what they did for New Year’s and pour out a little hummus for James Avery of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and Benjamin Curtis of The Secret Machines.


Lost Angeles Time

Did you know the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers (Douglas Martin aka Blurry Drones and I) officially met in person this past September in Los Angeles for the first time after collaborating on music for almost 3 years? 

Now you can catch a glimpse of the action, along with lost interview footage with myself and Jeff Weiss, the deft A&R man behind The Slow Twilight, with a dash of live performances and freestyles in an LA movie theaters, traffic jam dartage, and clean living in a cramped gentleman’s quarters with vinyl nailed to the crown molding.

You can also check out an ol’ Zilla Rocca joint repurposed as a Shadowboxer cut (for the sake of continuity and branding and blah blah blah) from the label’s compilation We Are World Around Vol. 1 over at 33jones.com.

Weak Stomach EP coming in a couple of calendar flips, as is the official video for “Weak Stomach Remix”.

Curly Castro’s long awaited solo debut LP Winston’s Appeal, featuring Ethel Cee, Eshon Burgundy, Margel Overton of SELA, DJ Ambush, Jawnzap7, myself and many others is coming by the end of the month.  He’s headlining this month’s Double Entendre with special guest Has-Lo.  I’m getting my Don Rickles on as the host.  Don’t be wise ass.

Check the show listings to your right for all the other magoozlum we’re getting into this month.  It’s a busy one. 

Bishop Got the Juice Now

I’ve been a big fan of Bishop Lamont since grabbing his N*gger Noize mixtape last year in the wake of Michael Richards’ insistance of inserting a pitchfork into the ass of a black man (sorta like what Pitchfork does to Wayne but in a non-Lance Bass manner).  I forgot to mention that tape and the Caltroit project Bishop did with Black Milk as big inspirations for my mixtape because both were built, sequenced, and blessed lyrically and beatwise as albums. 

Amazingly, Bishop is still on Aftermath, still dropping incredible and free music, still namedropping and collabing with your favorite 90s producers.  And his interview with Jeff is one of the best collections of thoughts and ideas I’ve ever heard an MC, not named Killer Mike or Redman, express. 

“They’ve got this thing called swagger, which is a term a wack dude invented. Swagger is a shield to protect wack people…’Oh, he can’t really rap, but he’s got swagger.’ What is that? He doesn’t have a good stage show, but he’s got so much swagger. Back in the day, you were either dope or you were wack, there was no swagger to get away with. Cam’ron can say a bunch of non-sense but it’s the way he’s saying it, so he’s got swagger. Lil Wayne doesn’t have to say anything, but oh, it’s that he’s got swagger, or it’s the way he pronounces his words. C’mon dude…cut that out, swagger’s a great word but people took it too far.”

Read the entire interview and grab some free Bishop Lamont songs at The Passion of the Weiss.

Let Me Shake Your Cannonball


Since I’m a young buck in the world of “full-time” blogging, it is definitely an honor to be acknowledged by my homie Dart Adams at Poisonous Paragraphs.  The best thing about reading Dart’s blog the past 2 years is that I’d rarely finish his posts without learning about something cool and nerdy that had previously eluded me.  Today’s post was just like that, except it involved me directly.

Dart showed love to all his favorite bloggers by comparing them to super heroes from the Marvel Universe.  If you are not a comic book geek, then please check back in later, as this next batch of words and paragraphs might as well be typed in German then re-translated in Swahili then signed to a deaf man in Yiddish who writes it down in drunken morse code.

According to Dart, Clap Cowards is Cannonball of X-Men/X-Force/The New Mutants.  Pretty effin raw!  Wikipedia scientifically says “Cannonball is a mutant that possesses the ability to bodily generate thermo-chemical energy and release it from his skin. This energy is used as thrust to cause his body to be propelled through the air like a rocket, at great heights and speeds with considerable maneuverability. He can control his speed and direction through sheer act of will.”  This sounds like me after I have my 3pm Starbucks at work.

Other highlights include Jeff as Iceman (definitely not the whiney douche from X-Men 2), Brandon as the Punisher (he will massacre the latest Kanye album with no remorse!), Dallas as Bishop (I’m envious), Flood as Nova (one of the few characters with a better mask than MF Doom), and many more.  The only difference between us geeky bloggers and actual geeks is that we dress like mavericks, drink like Mad Men, and sleep with college educated waitresses!

Dart Adams, Clap Cowards salutes you!

New Beat Generation: Un-eventful

I’m probably the only breathing white person under 28 who has yet to listen to Lil’ Wayne’s The Carter III. 

The good news is that I am currently listening to Puffy’s No Way Out.  Is “I Love You Baby” with Black Rob the most underrated rapper debut ever?  I think so.

Over at The Passion of Jeffrey “Archamedes” Weiss, the latest edition of The Beat Generation is up for digital consumption.  Topics include Lil’ Wayne’s grills, the Beastie Boys’ love of “Happy Days,” Sgt. Pepper, and pineapple Now-and-Later’s.

Read it here