Wrecking Crew x PremRock live at Yule Prog 7

Zilla Rocca vs. Clams Casino
“On the Freak Beat”

Zilla Rocca & PremRock vs. Odd Nosdam
“Never Tell Them You’re a Rapper

Curly Castro
“The Colored Water Fountain”

Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro vs. Zavala
“Vernon Maxwell

Curly Castro
“Blood on Blood Converse”

Big shouts to Warren Britt for the cinemas



Indie Rap’s Like a Chinese Fingertrap: “Pulp Banga 101”

Artwork by Dr. Quandary for Memetic Supply Co.

┬áIf you can list all the comic book references in my last verse, I’ll send you a Nights & Weekends t-shirt.

“Pulp Banga 101 (prod by Small Professor)” Curly Castro x Has-Lo x Boogieman Dela x David Little x Zilla Rocca

Bigger is Better: Small Professor “Gigantic Vol. 0”

The latest loaded chopper from Wrecking Crew beatsmith Small Professor with some choice remixes of our favorite crew records from last year, along with glass pieces from Elzhi, Phat Kat, Deal the Villain, and our Lessondary Crew brethren. Get atomized.