Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers “Fake Surfers” video

The first video off the coming Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers album No Vacation for Murderis “Fake Surfers”, directed by Pat Murray of Glass Canon (“Full Spectrum 2”, “Scallops”).

“Fake Surfers” is a psychadelic pummeling of controlled rage, confounding like beginner’s origami. It’s a good year followed by five bad years. Zilla Rocca delivers his lyrics with the morals of a money maker and the manner of an undertaker. The beat, provided the other half of Shadowboxers Blurry Drones, is ashtray money of the dirtiest variety. It effects you. And you’re effected.

“The hooks and replay value are there, but they demand and are worth your patience. A casual viewing of “Fake Surfers” is like riding a rip curl urged by an unruly ocean breeze–focus on it or wipe out.” – Huffington Post


Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers feat Has-Lo & The Kid Daytona “Stormy Monday”


You want a lite beer? Hit the Radisson. This is top shelf liquor.

“Stormy Monday”, barreled and crafted by Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers, aged in oak casks by Has-Lo (Mello Music Group), who produces and guests on the mic, chiseled with ice picks by The Kid Daytona (LRG)before sitting in front of you in this chalice. Dedicated to dark wood paneled speakeasy’s and sultry women who are good till the last drop, “Stormy Monday” isn’t about a quick buzz — it’s holding something in a glass that lasts all night.

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Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers feat Roc Marciano “Young Blood”


Inspired by Ed Brubaker’s Criminal comic series as well as the Zilla Rocca’s hometown South Philly jungle gyms packed with wild colts scratching their names on corners, “Young Blood” is about trigger happy adolescents without wisdom. Roc Marciano tells a story of Long Island snuffed out glory. Has-Lo picks up acid guitars and drops them like another school budget.

“Over rugged production by Has-Lo, Zilla raps on the hook, “The blood of the young makes the world go round/ But young bloods are gunning us down/ They want to live forever, they want to get it now/ They want to do it right, they never know how.”

And Roc Marc adds on with his own vivid and tragic tale of a young dude from around the way trying to get his in the streets, rapping, “He’s a loner, purple haze aroma like a stoner/ No diploma, sippin’ Coronas and bi-polar/ Trying to take the block over, older n**s from a block over/ Got the word now they out to knock his block over.” It’s definitely real in the field, youngin’.

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