Everyday is Like the Video Shoot: “Scallops” Video off Wu-Tang Pulp


After HipHopDX named Wu-Tang Pulp as the #10 Mixtape of 2012, bumping Death Gripz and Childish Gambino to Honorable Mention, the Wrecking Crew knew they had to strike like masked avengers while the samurai steel was hot.

Enter the video for “Scallops”. Directed by F. Pat Murray of Glass Canon Films (of “Full Spectrum 2” fame) and filmed in historically beloved locations from every pocket of Philadelphia, the short film plays out like a supernatural heist film; Has is a would-be hit-man being interrogated by a group of intense assassins; Castro is the member of his crew whose telepathic powers save the day, while Zilla drives the getaway car out of the Celebre’s Pizza parking lot.” – WXPN’s The Key

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Curly Castro + Zilla Rocca Explain Making of Wu-Tang Pulp + Live Performance

Watch the video of Curly Castro + Zilla Rocca on Raw the Breakdown Episode 5 via Rhymestreet.com, featuring a live performance of “Monty Hall Expo” off Wu-Tang Pulp.

Wu-Tang Pulp is Forever, God


“Pulp”: cheap books or magazines: novels or magazines produced on cheap paper, especially crime, horror, or science fiction stories

You know Wu-Tang, but what is Pulp about this? Pulp is a paperback wrinkle, something dirty and edgy, something only a select few would ever embrace. Frayed corners and shaky spines on yellow magazines, hidden under desks and store counters. Crime. Horror. Devastation. Greed. Science Fiction. Violence. Women. The city. Wu-Tang has mixed these ingredients into various albums since 1993. Wu-Tang Pulp pours them all in the same flask.

What started as a simple idea in 2009 has formed into a completely flushed out re-imagining of the most iconic collective in hip hop history. Wu-Tang Pulp is an album shaped from the hearts and minds of three diehard killa bee fanatics who spared no details in paying the ultimate homage to their heroes. Tackling records from RZA, Ghostface, Method Man, etc. is no easy task when you grew up with 36 Chambers in your Walkman, drawing the “W” on your high school composition books, and rocking Tommy Hilfiger tees in the summer because Raekwon said so.

The Wrecking Crew (Curly Castro x Has-Lo x Zilla Rocca) built Wu-Tang Pulp like a film, and cast rappers and producers from around the world to play the parts of specific criminologists from the Wu cannon. You may not be familiar with all the names, but hell — Ghostface didn’t reveal his face until 1995. Trust the slang doctors and the scientists behind the boards.

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Wu-Tang Pulp Tracklisting and Artwork

Dropping Tues Sept 4th, 2012

1. “Circling the Premises” (prod by Has-Lo & Zilla Rocca)
Gee Dubs aka Smoke Saloon, Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston, Castle aka Franky Rooks, Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage, Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato

2. “The Boxcutter Went” (prod by Zilla Rocca)
Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato, Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage, Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston, Elucid aka E Gutta

3. “Mad Light Inside the Dark” (prod by Small Professor)
Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage & Elucid aka E Gutta

4. “Scallops” (prod by Y?Arcka)
Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage, Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston, Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato

5. “Crown Renowned Kings” (prod by Zilla Rocca)
Random aka MegaRan, Al Mighty aka Al Lyrikal, Gee Dubs aka Smoke Saloon, Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato

6. “Dedicated to the Winners and the Losers” (prod by Has-Lo)
Castle aka Franky Rooks & Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato

7. “Pain Bringer” (prod by Has-Lo)
Ethel Cee aka Vietnam Betty, Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston, Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato

8. “FCK YR LF (Verse 32)” (prod by Floodwatch)
BLKHRTS aka The Tremor Brothers & Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston

9. “Mystery Inside” (prod by Son Raw)
My Man Shafe aka Muscles Minkavich & Alaina Nelson aka Domino Sable

10. “Awkard Slang” (prod by Castle)
Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato & Alaina Nelson aka Domino Sable

11. “Monty Hall Expo” (prod by Zilla Rocca)
Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston & Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage

12. “Devastating Mentality” (prod by Zilla Rocca)
Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage & Deal the Villain aka Deal Dollars

13. “12:10” (prod by Has-Lo)
Castle aka Franky Rooks, Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato, Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage, Alaina Nelson aka Domino Sable

14. “Homeless Swordsman” (prod by Disco Vietnam)
Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston

15. “Venom #2” (prod by Has-Lo)
Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston, Zero Star aka Cobra Tongue, Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage, Yonnas Abraham aka Arsenic LaBeau

16. “Pulp Banga 101” (prod by Small Professor)
Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston, Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato, Boogieman Dela aka Mischief Muhammed, Dave Little aka Digable Slim, Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage

Art Direction, Design & Layout by Kyle Tierce aka Johnny Holograms for Memetic Supply Co.
Photography by Anthony James aka AJ Mirrors for RHYMESTREET.com
Photo Trace by Antonio Diaz aka Smooth Hand Tone
Mixing & Mastering by Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage @ The International Dart Parlour, Philadelphia

Wu-Tang Pulp Trailer


Is It Real, Son? “Pain Bringer” #WuTangPulp

Design by Castle

Just days after getting love on HipHopDX for the swift facemelting video “One-Fifty”, Philly’s true femme fatale Ethel Cee squares up with Wrecking Crew grifters Curly Castro and Has-Lo for “Pain Bringer”, the last leak off the wildly anticipated album Wu-Tang Pulp.

“Pain Bringer” is produced by Has-Lo, inspired by Method Man’s breakout single “Bring the Pain”, and pumped with enough sub bass to flip over a Chevy Beretta. Ethel Cee channels a dusted out Tical on the mic: “Cold like December, hot like it’s June, label me whatever just as long as I’m remembered, cause I intend to keep it real, no pretender, forever and always a worthy contender”. Jeff Weiss aptly calls her verse “torture duty” on some old Vietnam shit…

Jackie or Jet Li: “Monty Hall Expo” off Wu-Tang Pulp

Artwork by Dr. Quandary for Memetic Supply Co.

Curly Castro & Zilla Rocca “Monty Hall Expo” (prod by Zilla Rocca)

Produced by yours truly and featuring Curly Castro, this song has been a staple of our live set since 2010. We’ve performed this monster in countless venues, Philly to Phoenix. Flipping Ghostface’s classic “Mighty Healthy” into a speaker bleeder was easy like bank heists in the ’60s. Curly Castro’s verse is walking through the Wu universe step by step as a youth in Brooklyn. Five Deadly Venoms on VHS. Jackie or Jet Li. Neighborhood joes in Starter caps. Alleyway kids pushing lah to the Darkman.  For my part, I just pulled the pin and let it blow. Stylish and powerful non sequiturs on vodka nights, twin sisters, and bottle rockets. Wish you could see us.

Indie Rap’s Like a Chinese Fingertrap: “Pulp Banga 101”

Artwork by Dr. Quandary for Memetic Supply Co.

 If you can list all the comic book references in my last verse, I’ll send you a Nights & Weekends t-shirt.

“Pulp Banga 101 (prod by Small Professor)” Curly Castro x Has-Lo x Boogieman Dela x David Little x Zilla Rocca

Listen To My New Piece of Glass: “Scallops” off Wu-Tang Pulp

Hand drawn illustration by Will Macey. Cover design by Dr. Quandary for Memetic Supply Co.

“Check his history: Zilla Rocca’s been a beast. In just 16 bars, no other rapper could seamlessly namedrop the futility of the Seattle Pilots, Neruda, Hemingway’s love of daiquiris, Medellin, Omega 3′s, chicken nuggets, and Southern Comfort while flipping the beat to Tony Stark’s “Fish.” When the Wrecking Crew co-founder first floated the idea of a Wu-Tang Pulp project, I thought it was totally superfluous. Vintage Wu-Tang songs can’t be improved, but what Zillaknew and I didn’t, is that they’re the perfect jump-off — spring boards for creativity that manifest in “Scallops,” the second leak from the project.

Enter the Wrecking Crew. ZR with the unfadeable Has-Lo and Curly Castro, both of whom have been snapping on tracks like emaciated men ripping shells off a platter of bottom feeder seafood. As Has points out, the only thing left to do is go to Red Lobster. Or if you’re in LA, get the shrimp burrito at Senior Fish.

Either way rappers, this is how you tastefully reference the past without cranking out empty nostalgia. If you didn’t think that yesterday’s selection of RZA as the #1 producer of all-time was crackpot, you will want to hear this song. (And probably the J-Zone remix of Has-Lo’s “Light Years” that also dropped this week).” – Passion of the Weiss

Stream it now on Soundcloud

Wrecking Crew Presents: Wu-Tang Pulp official trailer

Download “The Boxcutter Went” (prod by Zilla Rocca) by Has-Lo aka Lo Custamato, Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage, Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston, and Elucid aka E Gutta

Sketches of the artwork for Wu-Tang Pulp by William Macey